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Bamboo Bong
Elevate your smoking experience and embrace the elegance of bamboo with Terratokes
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Unbreakable & Sustainable
10 Years Warranty
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Katana Bong
$99.99 USD
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Someone who bought the Bong
I never thought that I'd buy a bamboo bong but TRUST ME this shit is unreal. It hits like an illadelph and I can throw it off my balcony and it doesnt ever break. its also great for travelling with because I know it will never break
Someone who bought the Bong
Excellent product, super service; I’d recommend The Izumo Bamboo Bong to anyone and feel good about it, no worries.Bamboo’s constant proof that Mother Nature loves us and loves to see us happy!
Someone who bought the Bong
I ordered at their shop on Friday and they already shipped it to my house. I just got the bong this morning! They ship quick and the best part is free shipping!!! I put ice-cubes inside the bong and it hit super clean!! Definitely you should get this bong
Someone who bought the Bong
I have been smoking out of glass water pipes all my life. This is the first piece I have smoked out of and not had to die of a coughing fit this water pipe is amazing
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Strong & Sturdy
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