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Story of the Katana Bong

The Katana Bong draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese Katana sword, renowned not only as an iconic samurai weapon but also as a symbol of duty, honor, and personal pride.
These revered swords were often named and considered integral to the samurai's essence. Beyond the battlefield, the katana symbolized social hierarchy and power, with samurai required by law to carry them even in times of peace. Moreover, the katana held profound spiritual and philosophical significance, embodying the principles of Bushido - the samurai code of conduct.
It represented the warrior's inner qualities, blending discipline, moral integrity, and an unwavering readiness to confront mortality.
Our goal is for the Katana Bong to become your favorite smoking companion and an extension of your identity.
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Ice Catcher

Bamboo nodes are a natural feature of bamboo, forming as the plant grows to strengthen its structure. Positioned above the downstem, the line acts as a natural shelf, perfect for holding ice to cool your smoke and works as a splash guard.
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Bamboo Tube

We use construction-grade bamboo that is shatterproof, lightweight, and antimicrobial.Bamboo is used because it is a durable material and helps local farmers earnadditional income. Also, bamboo is a super grass, not a tree, so the bamboowill continuously grow from the ground. It can fully mature in just 3 – 5years. Therefore, there’s no risk of deforestation. This type of timber gradebamboo reduces approximately 1000 lb ofCO2 from the atmosphere.
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Leaf Bowl

The Leaf Bowl embodies the natural beauty of the bamboo leaf, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality for everyday smoking.
Its leaf-shaped design allows for easy scooping of material from grinders or trays, while also serving as a convenient windshield in windy conditions outdoors.
Crafted from shatterproof Longan wood, a material renowned in Vietnam for its durability in furniture and smoking pipes, the Leaf Bowl ensures a reliable and enduring smoking experience.
Resistant to heat, it accommodates both lighters and hemp wicks for ignition, though caution is advised against using gas or high-temperature torches to prevent damage.


Our wooden downstem includes a percolator and fits a 14 mm male bowl. Customize your experience by inserting your favorite 14 mm bowl into our shatterproof Terrastem, crafted from durable Longan wood. Enjoy peace of mind knowing it's also shatterproof.
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Bamboo, naturally waterproof, was historically used by Samurai in Japan as water bottles. Our modern approach enhances this trait further: we boil the bamboo with lab-grade Sodium Chloride to extract plant sugars, then coat it with a blend of natural wood hardening oils. Inside, food-grade and heat-resistant epoxy resin ensure waterproofing and resistance to common chemicals like alcohol and bong cleaner. This resin withstands temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making our product compatible with your favorite dab rig.
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Mt. Fuji Base

Our Mt. Fuji Base draws inspiration from Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji, revered as the country's tallest and most sacred mountain. Reflecting the soul of Japanese culture, we crafted and named our base after this majestic peak. Constructed from Longan wood, we utilize leather to ensure a snug fit, embodying the essence of craftsmanship and tradition.